Allegheny Excavating Mechanics Team

Every championship caliber team has the “glue guys” – the ones absolutely essential to a team’s success.  And without question, the glue holding AEI’s team together is our mechanics.

Working around the clock (both on site, and in the AEI shop) our mechanics team puts in 10+ hour work days to ensure timely completion of projects.  If equipment needs hauled, machined, welded, fabricated, painted or power washed, they get it done.  To help follow Caterpillar OEM recommendations, our shop stocks belts, bolts, oil, fluids and filters, and also operates a crane-equipped, diesel mechanic services truck.  We use the latest diagnostic software, and we keep supplies of common parts on hand.  Because all equipment is CAT parts availability is never an issue.  

An overwhelming majority of fleet repairs are performed in-house, including engine rebuilds, transmission maintenance, joint repairs, and hydraulics work.  And worry not: Being completely attune to CAT AEIMechanicsLogoservices/cycles, our seasoned crew has even learned to troubleshoot via sound, thereby offering an exceptional brand of preventative maintenance.