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Give us a call, contact via e-mail, Facebook, or stop by and learn how Allegheny Excavating can fulfill your industrial/commercial needs!  We specialize in mass excavation and rock crushing (50,000+ cubic yards), and offer a host of site surfacing and service options, including commercial and industrial pad prep, and paving prep.

For residential sites, our scope is “everything up to the easements,” including planning and design, lot/easement layouts, and all underground utilities, both design and install – water, electric, gas, phone, cable and Internet.  This includes sanitary sewer and storm sewer.  **Please note our typical residential development size is greater than 50 lots.

Clients also trust AEI for rain water control; project management (site work, cement, concrete, site furnishing); site prep, including layout, tree clearing, grubbing, top-soil strip, erosion and sediment control; and landscaping, which includes decorative ponds, rock formations, trees and grass (hydro) seeding.  We offer an established rapport with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; cost-efficient pricing (we’re a non-union shop); and we facilitate utilities installation.

For more information about AEI and its sister companies, please check our About Us page, or watch us excavate on YouTubeFor business hours and office directions, please call (724) 935-2400.  For the most immediate company information, visit the “Latest Allegheny X News” section on our homepage, or you can always connect with us on Facebook!

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