Allegheny Excavating, Inc. – Moving the Earth with Accuracy, Efficiency & Integrity.

Allegheny Excavating is built on tradition of forward-thinking, and strong work ethic.  In 1977, Mr. Gary Sippel – equipped with a single, CAT backhoe – set forth as the founder and sole employee our company.  However, viewing excavation through a lens of possibility (and keeping an eye on emerging, cutting-edge of technology), his fleet and workforce began to grow.  Buoyed by a reputation for detail, and dedicated, long-term employees, Mr. Sippel’s focus evolved from routine utilities projects to complete residential site development.  Keeping an orientation toward possibility, his business expanded throughout the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and it continues growing today.  AEI is almost exclusively a commercial and industrial developer, yet it maintains passion for large-scale, residential development projects.

Mr. Sippel’s exceptional sense of initiative underscores AEI’s evolution, as the business remains committed to investing in new-machine, and new-energy technology.  We’re proud to be considered amongst the most valuable, cost-effective excavators serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area, and look forward to providing Accuracy, Efficiency and Integrity for decades to come.

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