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CAT cost-savings, passed down to you.

Caterpillar is revered for quality, speed, and parts availability.  And perhaps most important, its equipment is engineered to last.  CAT machines can endure years of use, yet still perform like-new.  (And in many cases, its engines are actually designed to be rebuilt!)  Hence, AEI’s standing tradition of using CAT at every turn.

Unlike virtually all other excavators, however, AEI gets an unheard of 20,000+ running hours out of an original CAT machine, thanks to our meticulous mechanics and service schedules.  Every CAT maintenance recommendation – belts, oils, and hydraulic fluid changes – are done by the book.  We don’t skip or delay servicing.

Further, AEI’s clean equipment directives funnel from the top, as ownership is exceptionally detail oriented.  For example, machine tracks MUST be shoveled daily, cabs brushed, windows cleaned, and joints lubricated.  We deploy a mobile pressure wash system, and after completing a job, our equipment hits the shop for paint.  This cleanliness contributes to fleet longevity, as otherwise, dirt inevitably works itself into moving joints.  And of course, clean equipment performs better!  It attracts clients, and affords operators a measure of safety and confidence while performing maneuvers.  As we retire from a site, you can be sure machines are lined up for tomorrow, and never abandoned in the field.

AEI also has innate understanding of local soils, which allows for efficient machine EquipmentListallocation at each project site.  Equipment is delivered using our own Peterbilt tractors, and once unloaded, all AEI dozers and compactors hit the ground running via Trimble Sight Vision GPS.  It’s this entire focus on efficiency and preparation that is ingrained in our business culture – from operators to office personel – and what separates AEI from competitors.

If an equipment issue does arise, machines are serviced by AEI’s skilled, in-house mechanics staff.  Replacement parts are sourced locally (Cranberry, Monroeville, or Delmont), and will typically arrive overnight.  Further, AEI has a lengthy relationship with Cleveland Brothers and CAT, and in turn, these companies don’t hesitate to assist us wherever possible.

To learn more about our fleet, click here for available equipment list.  Likewise, we invite you to review the working gallery below!  Featured equipment includes: CAT 815 Smooth Drum Roller; CAT 740 Rock Truck; CAT 315B and CAT 330C Excavators (with Hammers); CAT 740 Rock Truck; CAT 315B Excavator; CAT D400 Rock Truck; CAT 315B Excavator and Metso LT 105 Rock Crusher; CAT D6N Dozer; CAT 8254 Sheeps Foot Dozer.  Please contact Allegheny Excavating offices for full equipment list and estimates.