About Allegheny Excavating, Inc.

Allegheny Excavating, Inc.

  Accuracy, Efficiency & Integrity  |  We Move the Earth.  

An award-winning, Western Pennsylvania excavation company, Allegheny Excavating has been shaping the earth – and in turn, standards of our industry – for more than 40 years.  AEI specialties include mass excavation and rock crushing; pad, road, and pavement prep; underground utilities, including electric, water line, storm and sanitary sewers; and full landscaping.  Be it industrial or commercial, AEI is large enough to complete the project on time, and nimble enough to personally address any number of build changes, should they arise.  Clients trust us for:

  Providing high-quality excavating services in Western Pennsylvania.  Our workforce applies skill, diligence, and top-of-the-line technology, ensuring an unparalleled finished product. 

  Our commitment to Accuracy, Efficiency and Integrity.  We focus on every detail of your project, and communicate throughout the excavation process.

  AEI’s extensive Caterpillar fleet with GPS technology.  Our trained operators can get grade within areas smaller than the size of a golf ball.

  An in-house, highly-trained mechanics staff.  Expert technicians ensure our fleet spends its time in the field, not in the shop.

  Our rapport with municipalities, local utility companies, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

  The five decades of business experience – and 100 years of combined grading experience – that allows us to adapt to excavation’s unpredictable events.