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An award-winning, Pittsburgh-area excavation company, AEI has been shaping the earth – and in turn, standards of the industry – for more than 35 years.  Renowned for attention to detail, our dirtworks specialties include large-scale site prep; major earth moving; and installations of water line, storm and sanitary sewers for commercial, industrial, and residential developments.  Our seasoned, local workforce applies skill, diligence, and top-of-the-line technology, ensuring an unparalleled finished product.  Please call or e-mail to arrange a project consultation today! 

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January 20, 2021 – AEI Reaches Safety Milestone

Allegheny Excavating has worked 7 years (2,149 days) without a lost time accident. Dedication to safe project planning, weekly toolbox talks, job hazard analysis, on site inspections, leadership and teamwork define our Safety Culture, making this milestone possible. Thank you to our team who commits to choosing safe working practices every day. We wish a safe 2021 to all workers nationwide!







Contact:  AEI Office (724) 935-2400

AEI Environmental Intelligence

LEED-certified sites, Marcellus reclamations, sediment traps and silt socks, Environmental Intelligence is a real part of AEI’s culture, and embodies our drive for Accuracy, Efficiency, and Integrity.  No matter the project scope, we’ll deliver Eco-conscious, business and excavation practices – for today, and tomorrow.  That’s AEI’s company-wide commitment to Environmental Intelligence, and it’s something we bring to every job.